Matthew Holt by Matthieu Lavanchy

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Chase drinks and dreams, not people.
50 Life Changing Truths Worth Reminds Yourself of Each Day (via seabelle)

tyw56g said: Who is the hottest male actor/musician in your mind?


Colton Haynes

Caught them hanging out. #rivalry #boxer #puppies

I feel worthless and empty.
My American life is meaningless to me and I make myself sick whenever I buy what I don’t need.
Those who I grew up with have become critical and judgmental, regularly trying to evangelize to me and sure to tell me that I am wrong and in sin.
I don’t want to marry someone and stay here for the rest of my life and I won’t put my hope in another human for happiness. I don’t want to start a romantic relationship and I don’t want to fuck as many people as I can before I die.
I know that I am sad.